What is the greenest laptop?



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    According to rankings put out by Sust-it.net, a consumer-review website focused on energy efficiency, the Apple MacBook Air (MC233) is the most energy efficient laptop aka the greenest. It on average puts of 9.24 kg of carbon dioxide a year and only uses 1.07W when sleeping, 6.7W when idle, and 0.56 when off. The kg of CO2 and idle power usage stats are unmatched by any competitors. A couple of runner ups are the HP Pavilion DM3 and the Panasonic CF-F8G.

    When searching for a laptop, check out the ones that receive an Energy Star rating. These are high-ranking laptops in energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction.

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    THe Macbook Air to date is the most environmentally friendly laptop on the market. It is also energy star rated and received a silver rating from EPEAT— an organization that rates the environmental impact of computer technology.

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