What is the greenest hospital in America?



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    A hospital is being built now, that will be Chicago’s first Full Service Green Hospital. It will take into account water consumption and energy conservation, with a green roof, natural lighting and gardens. 

    Children’s Memorial Hospital is doing likewise, beginning construction on a Green hospital estimated to be done in 2012.

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    Providence Newberg Medical Center in Newberg Oregon was the nation’s first hospital to run on 100% green energy.  They were the first hospital to receive a LEED gold certification back in 2006.  Since then, Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas was built, and they set their sights high.  In 2009, they were the first hospital in the world to receive LEED platinum certification.  Though they do not run on all green energy, many other things helped them to become platinum certified.  Here are a couple pictures of Dell’s hospital:

    Hope this helps!


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