What is the greenest form of exercise?



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    The greenest form of exercise would have to take place in nature. Ideally, this means no gym and no machines. It would probably also include not using anything that was created by man to help you. So, the greenest exercise would be running through a natural setting, although riding a bike wouldn’t hurt, either.

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    Using your body as a workout. Get back to the basics of fitness. Running, Jumping, Push-ups and sit-ups.

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    The greenest form of exercise if walking or riding your bike. I like to ride my bike to the lake, park it then walk around the lake. I get a great workout without using any energy (except my own body’s energy)!

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    I agree with all previous posters, the most sustainable form of excerices would have to be anything that is self powered. So running, walking, biking, skateboarding, unicycling, all is good for the environment. Then I suppose if you are feeling up for it, lift recycling, picking fruit, etc.–not only does it give you a workout but its benefitial to the environment as well!

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    Rollerblading can also be a very good workout and it is a green way to get in some exercise. Like many others mentioned, walking, jogging, and bike riding are all good options for green exercise. 

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    Running, walking, and bike-riding are all very good options for environmentally-friendly cardio. However, don’t forget that you also need to train for strength and flexibility. Doing yoga or pilates outside is green, and makes you feel closer to nature. Use your body as a machine.

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