What is the greenest email service?



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    There are many green web hosting services that offer different forms of green, sustainable living for their customers. For instance, some ensure that the methods of power they use are generated by eco-friendly ways, including wind and solar power. Others ensure carbon offsets, discounts to nonprofits, and telecommuting for their employees.

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    Some are saying that gMail is the greenest email service around because they have really taken a concerted effort to make sure they are running their company with the greenest intentions in mind.  Google says that their data centers are 2x more efficient than other companies because of the techniques they have put into place to go as green as possible. 

    For one, they use recycled water in their water evaporation system to cool their components.  They have streamlined their electronic infrastructure, using just enough technology to run efficiently and properly.  Additionally, they take the GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) out of their servers in a further effort to reduce energy. 

    The PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) scale is said to be the most effective measure of energy usage for data centers. The best rating a data center could get is a 1.0.  Google comes in at 1.1. 

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