What is the greenest design for an elevator?



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    Both Kone and Freedom Green seem to be the top makers of green elevators. Kone has green elevators for all types of buildings and sizes. The elevators use less energy, no oil, uses about half the energy of regular elevators, and are made of 95% recyclable materials. Freedom Green’s elevators uses about 50% less energy than conventional elevators, is space efficient as it requires no machine room, uses no oil, and is made of 100% recycled material. 

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    OTIS also has a new design out called the Gen2.  It was recently used in North Carolina’s greenest hotel, Proximity Hotel, and helped them to reach their LEED Platinum status because it captures the energy emitted from the elevator system and feeds it back into the hotel’s main internal electrical grid, creating a loop of recyclable energy flowing throughout the building.

    The Gen2 elevator also requires no additional lubrication which contributes to its greenness because extra lubricants are often hazardous for both humans and the environment.  The Gen2 is also said to use 50% less energy than conventional systems and deliver significant energy savings to building owners over the course of their lifetime.  

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