What is the greenest computer in the world?



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    Currently the National Astronomical Observatory in Japan uses the lowest amount of Kilowatts, and is ranked highest on the Green500 List (first link).

    As far as computers available to the public, the answer is a little ambiguous–for example, both Dell and Apple claim to be selling the most “energy efficient personal computer,” (Mac MiniĀ® and Dell Optiplex, respectively).  The Dell link is attached and the Mac Mini URL is here:


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    While the Apple brand likes to promote its recyclability, the Acer Aspire 1 netbooks use far less power ~only about 10 watts compared to about 500watts for a desktop (produce less Green House Gases), weigh less ~2lbs compared with 6 lbs + for a Macbook and upwards of 15 for a complete desktop (so require less fuel to bring to market), and use less material to manufacture, so produce less e-waste. 

    I bought a $200 netbook in June of 2009, and it still running just fine. It is probably the world’s greenest computer that you can find just about any Best Buy. Only downside is that it doesn’t have a CD drive – but honestly I don’t find myself needing a CD frequently anyway.

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