What is the greenest commercial airline company?



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    According to some reports Virgin, Continental, and Horizon are the airlines that are taking big steps towards reducing their emissions; while airlines comprise 11% of the total greenhouse gases emitted both Virgin and Continental have both upgraded their fleets which tend to be more efficient. Some of their new fleets also fly with the help of bio fuels. The three airlines all have carbon offsets and Virgin Airlines even offers fair-trade coffee to their passengers.

    The top ten green airlines appear to be:

    • Virgin America
    • Continental
    • Horizon
    • Jetblue
    • Southwest
    • Northwest
    • Delta
    • American Airlines
    • United Airlines
    • US Airways


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    It is hard to say.  No airline company could ever possibly considered “green” by any sense of the word.  The ridiculous amounts of pollution generated by jet engines, the huge amount of fuel usage, the large amounts of natural resources put into the manufacture of a commercial jetliner…  Finding the greenest commercial airline company is akin to finding the least destructive strip mining operation.

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