What is the greenest college sport?



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    Green constitutes many factors.
    1. Playing surface? Chemical needs? (Basketball on FSC wood floor VS. Ultimate Frisbee on grass with high water needs AND chemical fertilizers, pesticides, pain, etc)
    2. Transportation? Airplane? (Local competition VS. bi-coastal)
    3. Electrical needs? Indoor? Outdoor? (Daytime soccer VS. Basketball inside)
    4. Temperature needs? (Ice hockey)
    5. Uniforms? (Polyester uniform for 60 footballers OR organic cotten for 12 basketballers)
    6. Etc.

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    Cross country?  It’s a relatively short season, and since it is not always the most well-funded, trips are usually pretty short.  And some runners still run barefoot.

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    I think either cross-country or frisbee. Both require very little equipment and just an area to run in. Frisbee and running can both be done barefoot. They are both great sports and very cheap. They also can get you in great shape.

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