what is the greenest building in Vegas?



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    The greenest building in Las Vegas is the Citycenter complex. Green features of the building include:

    An 8.5 megawatt natural gas co-generation plant creates energy. The waste heat of the plant is re-used to produce hot water.
    Innovative water conservation technologies save up to 43% of water for indoors and 60% for landscaping and irrigation.
    Limousines are powered by clean-burning compressed natural gas.
    A recycling plant which recycled more than 260,000 tons during the construction period.
    Slot machines with built-in floor air-conditioning units, save energy by maintaining cold air close to the ground.

    To view pictures and read more about the building, see this article: http://www.fixr.com/blog/2009/12/16/citycenter-green-building-complex/

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    The Citycenter Complex in Las Vegas claims to be the greenest building. It has gold LEED certification. It includes features such as a natural gas plant that creates energy, water saving technologies, a recycling plant, slot machines with built-in air conditioning units, etc.

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