what is the greenest building in New York City?



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    The Bank of America Tower in Ner York City is not onlyl considered the greenest building in New York City, it is also considered the second greenest building in the world. It is a platinum certified LEED building which maximizes natural light, features a greywater system, and is made largely of recycled and recyclable materials.

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    One of Manhattan’s “greenest” buildings is the Norman Foster’s Hearst Tower, which is engineered to use 25% less energy than required by code. It boasts the world’s largest “air conditioner” – a two-story, stepped waterfall that acts as a huge radiant cooling system. Along with other measures, it saves 1.7 million gallons of water every year. Other interesting facts about the building include:

    90% of the structural steel used came from recycled materials
    More than 80% of the orginal structure was recycled for future use
    26% less energy was used during construction
    Light sensors and controls throughout the building
    It has a 14,000 gallon water reclamation system in the basement

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