What is the greenest building in Las Vegas?



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    I attached a link with pictures and information on the greenest building complex in Las Vegas.  I love green buildings because they always seem to be really unique and awesome looking.  The Citycenter complex cost $8.5 billion to build and covers 18 million square feet.  Some of its features include: An 8.5 megawatt natural gas co-generation plant creates energy. The waste heat of the plant is re-used to produce hot water.  Innovative water conservation technologies save up to 43% of water for indoors and 60% for landscaping and irrigation.  Limousines are powered by clean-burning compressed natural gas.  A recycling plant which recycled more than 260,000 tons during the construction period.  Slot machines with built-in floor air-conditioning units, save energy by maintaining cold air close to the ground.

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    Jaw6827 briefly touched on this, but the air conditioning units on the floor are a huge energy-saver. The casinos must stay extra cold to keep people awake and alert. Up until now all casinos were cooling from the ceiling down. They had to have the temperature set about 20 degrees cooler than their desired temp because of the hot air rising. The air had to be cold enough to blow through the hot air and still be chilly when it hit the floor. Not only do you save money by the air blowing up from the floor, but all of the cigarette smoke etc is now being blown up instead of down onto you. Such an easy idea that took so long to come up with.

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