What is the greenest apple computer?



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    When boasting on their own website about improvements in energy and material efficiency, Apple uses the 2008 MacBook Pro as the green standard. Their general implication seems to be that each model will be more efficient than the last. See all the ways that they have improved since the 2006 or earlier models at the link below.

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    There is a great article written in 2008 about the “Greenest Apple Yet?” At the time they were touting the Air as being super green. “Air has an all-aluminum case (recyclable), first mercury-free display, arsenic-free glass.” The computer uses less energy too. The battery lasts 5 hours even with wireless activated. The packaging is also 56% smaller than the regular macbook. “It meets Energy Star 4.0 standards and attained a Silver EPEAT rating.” A year later and they topped that. The new Macbook Pro, no the regular macbook, meets energy star 5.0 standards and has attained a GOLD EPEAT rating. Now that it’s 2010, I’m sure they will come out with another greener computer very soon. 

    From Apple website (2nd link):

    The new MacBook Pro embodies Appleā€™s continuing environmental progress. It is designed with the following features to reduce environmental impact:

    • Arsenic-free display glass
    • BFR-free
    • Mercury-free LED-backlit display
    • PVC-free internal cables
    • Highly recyclable aluminum and glass enclosure
    • Reduced packaging volume
    • Meets ENERGY STAR Version 5.0 requirements
    • Rated EPEAT Gold
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