What is greener between Kmart and Target?



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    If you mean, which company has better sustainability and overall environmental record, it’s difficult to know for sure but Kmart would appear to have the slight advantage. Both companies have been criticized for their environmental records (as almost all “big box” retailers routinely are), but Target has been fined by the EPA for issues involving potential pesticides in its products. It has also been criticized for dragging its feet on reducing its overall impact, despite being a partner in the EPA’s Waste Wise program which is aimed at reducing solid waste. Kmart has also been fined for pesticide issues, specifically regarding unregistered pesticides in a line of garden hoses that it advertised as preventing growth of mold and fungus. Both stores have also been criticized for selling furniture made from hardwoods that come from endangered rainforests in Southeast Asia. While a campaign to stop this practice was evidently successful against Kmart (at least until the company was bought out), Target has not responded.

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