What is the GreenCycler device?



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    The GreenCycler is a device that grinds up kitchen waste to a size that is more efficient for composting.  The article I’ve cited below describes it as akin to a “paper shredder.”  Since the kitchen scraps you’ve ground up will be smaller than they were in their original form, bacteria that make composting possible are better able to break down the waste material, since more surface area is exposed at once.  Using the GreenCycler can make the composting process up to four times faster.

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    The GreenCycler is a composting device that works in a similar way to a paper shredder by grinding kitchen scraps into smaller pieces. This is done in order to speed up the composting process. By reducing the size of kitchen scraps, there is more surface area for necessary bacteria.

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    The GreenCycler is a device that grinds kitchen scraps into a size that accelerates the composting process. It is used to make composting food and yard waste much easier.

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