What is the Green Zone plan in Los Angeles?



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    The “Green Zone” is a proposed effort to to clean up heavily polluted outlying LA neighborhoods like Wilmington, Boyle Heights, and Pacoima. These areas are home to  auto shops, metal recyclers, stone cutters, truck yards and other businesses that have high potential to produce pollution. As of now, their waste and runoff from their activities is under regulated and has become a burden to residents. The proposed effort will not only seek to reduce polution, but also to help bring “greener” jobs to the area.

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    To add to what mjkonopisos has said, the Green Zone Plan specifically seeks to use incentives, such as help with obtaining permits, tax rebates, and utility rebates, in order to encourage green organizations to establish themselves in the area.  Alternatively, it will put pressure on “dirty” industries that are already there, by making stricter regulations and more carefully enforcing ones that already exist.  The Green Zone plan is significant in that it represents a community effort to force positive change where polluting industries have run amok.

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