What is a green way to heat your home?



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    Geothermal systems are a very green way to heat and cool your home. The systems utilize an underground pipe network around the house that uses the ‘heat sink’ to change the temperature. The systems generate no flames, fumes, odors, or carbon monoxide.

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    It is probably best to just make some improvements to your own home. Make sure your windows are properly insulated (no drafts, etc.) There are various brands of tape that are sold to seal up drafty areas, etc. Also, make sure your air filters are up to date, as having over-used filters may force your heating system to work harder, thereby using more energy. A programmable thermostat is another option, as you could then keep your heat down during desired hours and have it warm enough when you’d like. Also, improving your home not only has environmental benefits, but also has financial benefits. The US Federal Government and many states offer incentives for energy efficiency, such as tax savings.

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