What is a green way to dispose of an old computer?



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    The greenest way to dispose of a computer is to give it another life. Donate it to a school or a library or to certain charitable organizations that will refurbish them and send them on developing countries to increase computer access there. Never forget the “reuse” in “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Check the link below for more details.

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    Many cities and towns have areas avialable where you can drop off your old electronics; computers, televisions, gameboys, etc. to be recycled. Though many of these electronics are shipped overseas to China or India for recycling, their components are extracted and re-used in other electronic devices.

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    How would you define an “old” computer? I have one that doesn’t meet my needs anymore, but I plan on sharing a computer with my fiance instead of buying a new one. Just trying to reduce the amount of “new” stuff we consume. Computers are tough because it feels like you get something new, and then something “better” comes out. I’m taking any suggestions here:http://sayingnotonew.blogspot.com

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