What is a green pen that I can get my kids for school?



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    There are several eco-friendly options. The website in the citation field below offers many environmentally friendly options for back to school supplies.

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    A green pen is the b2p pen made by Pilot. It is green becuase the pens are made out of recycled plastic water bottles. 89% of the pen is made of recycled material. It comes in 4 different colors and two different sizes.

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    You could also try the website shown below. There are pens made out of leftover cornstarch, leftover wood, recycled plastic. There are also more recyled items there such as pencils made out of denim as well as other office stationary. Apart from that, you could also get pens from yard sales, that is a green act in and of itself and all you have to do is buy ink if needed.

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