What is green insurance?



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    Green insurance protects owners of green commercial or residential buildings. Founded in 2006 by Fireman’s Fund, by a member of the United States Green Building council. In the case of a loss, Fireman’s Fund would provide a LEED-AP to oversee reconstruction of the building to its original LEED certification level, making sure that the building systems operate at peak performance and in alignment with one another.

    Even owners of non green commercial buildings and homes can benefit from green insurance. The insurance would provide the peace of mind that in the eent of a loss, their home would be rebuilt green.

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    Basically, green insurance policies allow you to rebuild your business or house after an accident to be more eco-friendly, providing extra money in roder to accomplish this. So if your inefficient warehouse burns down, and has green insurance, you will recieve additional money, so you can rebuild it to be more green.

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