What is a Green Impact Zone?



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    It is a government initiative to use federal and local funds to invest in components of sustainable living and to create jobs in challenged communities. It started in Kansas City, but there will be them all over the country by the end of the initiative.

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    Basically with federal funding a green impact zone can be created in a community where people are given jobs to help evaluate and weatherize homes in the zone, develop green initiatives like a green bus system, and helping people (like ex-parolees) get training for green jobs. These are things funded by the government. While the specifics can be different from zone to zone, that is the main premise.

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    So the Green Impact Zone is like…project housing, only more modern and not as obviously stupid…no i’m kidding ok.

    The Green Impact Zone is a government initiative to transform large chunks of impoverished urban areas into more sustainable, environmentally friendly communities FOR THE PEOPLE WHO CURRENTLY LIVE THERE.

    I hate to quote, but this says it pretty well:
    “The Green Impact Zone is a comprehensive place-based plan to invest public and private funding to transform a neighborhood plagued by high rates of poverty and violence, unemployment and abandoned property. The Green Impact Zone will improve housing conditions through the rehabilitation and weatherization of the entire 150 block area neighborhood, develop a green workforce through the training of residents from the urban core in green technology, and invest in sustainable transportation through a green bus rapid transit system.”

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    The Green Impact Zone is an ambitious plan developed by US Rep. Cleaver to make the 150-block area east of Troost Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri a greener and healthier place. The plan includes a home weatherization project that will help reduce energy use and costs in this mostly poor community and a green bus rapid transit system. The plan will bring much needed and desired jobs to the community while also improving its environmental impact and the health of the people who live there. This kind of project is intended to empower people, especially the population of ex-parolees who live there. Parks will be restored, people will be employed, houses will be rehabilitated, and the community will have hope for a brighter future under this plan for a Green Impact Zone.

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