What green home improvements can you make if you are still renting an apartment?



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    Don’t let renting an apartment discourage you from making green home improvements; there is still a great deal you can do and with relatively low cost to you. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs as necessary. Utilize natural daylight over electric light when possible. Try to open windows to take advantage of natural ventilation over mechanical. Invest in a programmable thermostat to use less energy while you are away. Use window treatments to prevent solar heat gain.

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    There are a great number of ways to ‘green’ your living space, even if you are renting! The basics include implementing a home recycling and compost program, utilizing high-efficiency CFL’s (compact fluorescent light bulbs) and keeping a close eye on energy use and wall sockets (anything plugged into the wall, whether in use or not, is wasting small amounts of energy).

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    There are some home improvements that you can make to your place if you are renting it. Look for things that you can take with you if you ever move. For example you could buy water efficient showerheads and faucets that can move with you to your new location, when or if you move. Of course energy efficient light bulbs can travel with you as well. You could also check your water heater to see if it is insulated, if not purchase some insulation and wrap it around the water heater. Blackout curtain can be used in the winter to save up to 25 percent on heating bills.

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    I am very much in favour of energy efficient light bulbs and with the home recycling, we can make improvement our living space and also a attractive look.


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