What is a green goal of yours for the new years?



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    I have a few.  I am currenlty in the process of going 100% organic for food supply.  Additionally, I would like to create a better recycle system in my home to include composting!  I am learning how to effectively compost and hope to start a small garden in my backyard for small fruits and veggies.

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    Being on meal plan at college, it’s tough to reform drastically what I’m eating, although food services at my school is doing a lot of work with environmental student groups to green the dining. So personally, I’ve been trying to drink as little bottled water as possible, with none at all being the goal. I’ve found it pretty easy, and think it’s pretty ridiculous and unnerving how much bottled water people consume, which creates absolutely unnecessary plastic waste and food miles. I feel I’ve got a good hold on this goal, so I think it’s about time to move on to something new.

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    Still a few months away but already working on it. Trying to reduce my usage of paper towels. I use them regularly for cleaning and am trying to cut down significantly my dependence on them as they very wasteful. 

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    My upcoming New Years resolution is to try and drive less. Since I live in Southern California, I’m pretty reliant on my car for transportation purposes. I’m hoping to be able to carpool more with friends and family, as well as walk to more local places. Not only will I be helping the environment, but I will also be helping my pocket book and monthly expenses. Taking the bus and Amtrak are also other options for farther to reach destinations. 

    Here’s a link explaining the benefits of public transportation!

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    I would like to move back to the main city around where I live so that I can bike or walk to all places necessary, including the local farmers’ markets. Driving is probably my biggest flaw, but it unfortunately becomes necessary in some suburban areas. I plan to grow a garden again, hopefully larger than the one I cultivated this past summer. Additionally, I plan to find new work projects involving researching, writing and campaigning for an organization, hopefully focusing on rainforest destruction.

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