What is “green fatigue,” and how can people bounce back from it?



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    Green fatigue is become apathetic about green issues, usually a result of an overwhelming amount of ‘go green’ culture in advertising and the media.  An example would be just tossing all of your plastic bottles in the garbage because you just couldn’t bring yourself to care to go to the recycling center.  Ways to get over it is to think about the most important environmental issues and that you’re actions can really make a difference.  Think about the future and what consequences your actions have.

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    Like smirrah said, it is basically apathy due to overmarketing of the concept of being “green”, which seems to be affecting an increasing amount of Americans.  It can also be a result of the environment continuing to get worse, regardless of what each of us does to help it.  There is no simple way to fix this – if people are tired of marketing regarding “going green”, being quiet about it isn’t likely to make them start recycling again.  And if people think that they cannot affect a change, it gets disheartening to keep trying.  To me, it seems that people feel they are being sold something cheap and easy, and when it continually doesn’t work, they give up.  People are pretty adept at telling when they’re being mislead; commercial efforts to make them think that saving the planet is going to be easy ring false, and the idea that the environment even needs saving can seem false by relation.

    In that sense, showing people how they are helping the environment may help; “going green” in community form instead of (for example) just recycling at home could also be important.  If the focus is on, say, improving your specific neighborhood you can actually see results, and results that affect you personally, every day.  It is still not going to be easy, but people will get the satisfaction of seeing that they have made some difference, at least.


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    I agree with the previous responders to the definition. You can become fatigue of everything, even if its something you feel strongly about or like every much. The best way to bounce back from it is to unplug and get away from the media. The media is always changing and constantly putting out new information. The human brain can only take in so much information. Maybe focus on other issues or other things that are completely unrelated to the environment and sustainability. Its like taking a vacation, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop being green in your daily life. 

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