What is Green Computing?



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    Green computing is the method and practice of making computing and information technology more environmentally friendly. One of the first moves towards green computing came from the EPA in 1992 when they introduced the Energy Star labeling program to label products as energy efficient. The EPA estimates that if every computer sold in the United States met Energy Star requirements, the savings in energy costs would total more than $1.5 billion a year and reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 2 million vehicles.

    Green computing can also refer to the practice of using simple energy saving methods such as shutting computers and other technology off when not in use, using LCD instead of CRT monitors, and utilizing power-management features to turn off hard drives and displays.

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    Green computing is not just environmentally responsible adjustments to computer efficiency, but in fact much of the innovations came about due to the overall costs saved by cutting down on energy waste. Tactical incrementalists tend to adopt this more economically minded approach, which just happens to be green. But green computing really involves being green from start to finish. From the manufacturer’s creation of an efficient machine, to the buyer’s energy-saving use of it, to the buyer proper disposal of it.

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