What “green” companies do you follow on Twitter?

Who gives out great or interesting information via Twitter like in DIY stuff, personal care products and home?



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    I follow many different green friendly companies or individuals on Twitter. There is so much great green information on the web nowadays that I tend to follow the companies and individuals whose websites I have come across in web searches or through referrals from others first. I find that if I follow too many people on Twitter the information becomes overwhelming so, often I will follow a few different companies or individuals for a short while, make sure their tweets are relevant to me, and then I unfollow them if they are simply adding noise to my feed instead of great information. If I enjoy their tweets I then check out who they are following, and then follow the green accounts they follow. Really, the best way to find great Twitter accounts to follow is to find a few of your favorite tweeters from other sources you enjoy online, and then follow who the company or individual recommends or follows. Here are a few different accounts I follow who tweet great green information:







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