What green bill is providing the most jobs for Americans?



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    The 2007 Green Jobs Act introduced by Hilda Solis and John Tierney provides $125 million a year in funding for “green” jobs.  The bill was brought about to help unemployment rates and also to help decrease the U.S. dependencies on foreign oil for energy, as well as create more environmentally efficient buidlings, etc.  There are more bills being put into play currently, but right now the best way to ensure that these bills come to fruition is to write your senate/house representatives and let them know that you support clean energy and “green” jobs.  That’s how these acts get passed.

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    The stimulus bill poured billions of dollars into green technology. For instance, about a billion dollars was given to electric car companies alone, such as Fisker and Tesla. Hopefully this stimulus bill works, because if not we are screwed. 

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