What is a green alternative to flyers?



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    I recently graduated from college, and worked on many events (such as Earth Day!) in which advertising and environmental consciousness were equally important. I completely agree with the above response, however often just telling someone about an event verbally isn’t as effective as giving them a piece of paper to walk away with.

    To tackle this, my organization often relied on two solutions when we believed printing flyers was needed. First, we were sure to use recycled paper and soy or vegetable based inks whenever provided by printing vendors (on out college campus the best we could usually get was just recycled content paper with cost considerations). Secondly, we would print smaller sized flyers (we called them “rave cards”) which were usually 4X5.5 (which is basically an 8.5X11 sheet of paper divided into four segments). This allowed us to print more for our money, and also provide interested students with only a small item to take away with. This was resourceful and more effective when reaching out to a crowd such as that. However, these solutions can be used in almost any situation. As with any event, it is based on what will work best for the budget, the target audience, and the planning committee.

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