What is the Grantham Prize for journalism?



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    The Grantham Prize is an award for Excellence in Reporting on the Environment.  It is in its fifth year of awarding.  

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    Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham established the Grantham Prize for Excellence in Reporting on the Environment in 2005 to celebrate those writers who have reported on the environment, increasing public knowledge on topics surrounding environmental changes and findings.  $75,000 is awarded annually to the writer of a non-fiction piece to encourage coverage of the environment.

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    The Grantham Prize is awarded to journalists for their “Excellence in Reporting on the Environtment” (http://www.granthamprize.org). Entering its fifth year, the winner for the 2010 prize is currently being judged. Journalists must submit an original article or broadcast regarding natural resources or environmental issues, and the deadline is between January 1st and December 31st of the year. $75,000 is awarded along with the title of first place.

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