What government policy is considered one of the most detrimental to the environment?



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    The United States’ energy policy is among the most environmentally detrimental. As the chart at the link demonstrates, the U.S. uses nearly entirely fossil fuels still, and the problem with the energy policy is that it does little to change this. The Environmental Policy Act of 2005 had some clean energy initiatives, but also provided incentives for increasing coal production and for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico as a way to reduce foreign oil dependency. The act also exempted oil and gas producers from certain requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

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    The use of fossil fuels is one of the worst policies. However, we must look at the bigger picture. The real problem is not the energy policy, but the role of corporations within our government. They influence every aspect of the federal government. Just take a look at the BP crisis, BP is still running the show. 

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