What government is the most excited about renewable energy?



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    Probably Iceland’s. Among the countries of the world Iceland is a jaw-dropping success story when it comes to renewable energy: fully 81% of the country’s energy comes from domestically-produced renewable sources, a large portion of that being geothermal energy. That’s not surprising considering Iceland, which straddles one of the world’s great volcanic hot-spots, has got geothermal energy to spare. But it was Iceland’s government, specifically its State Electricity Authority, that is largely responsible for this. The Icelandic government made geothermal energy a priority and supervised the construction of infrastructure throughout the country to make it a reality. Even despite this success, the Icelandic government isn’t satisfied. What can’t be generated through renewable energy has to be made through imported fossil fuels which are very costly for this remote island nation. Consequently, several government-run programs are seeing to test the possibilities of using hydrogen as a fuel source. Iceland already has a couple of buses powered by hydrogen fuel cells, and even a hydrogen fuel station–ironically, it’s operated by the Shell Company.

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