what government agency incharge of solid waste management



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    In the United States, this is generally handled on a municipal level.   Individual cities or boroughs might have a Solid Waste Management department or Public Works and Waste management office.  The departments usually coordinate the pick up and transportation of the waste to landfills that are either publicly owned or privately owned or sometimes even publicly owned but privately managed.  Also there are rural areas that don’t have any waste pick up so residents must dispose of the trash themselves.  My friends in Montrose PA used to burn all their trash.  On the other hand when I lived in Wasilla Alaska, we had to take our waste to the local landfill ourselves.

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    The federal government also has an Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Managment Response housed within the Environmental Protection Agency that manages disposal of hazardous materials and on land and underground.  More info is available at the agency’s website below. 

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