what is Google doing to create a green company?



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    Google has undertaken a lot of initiatives to help create a green company.  Some of them include: 

    Reducing their Carbon Footprint – Google tries to produce electricity using renewable energy resources that don’t add to the production of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Efficient Computing – Google designs systems that use as little energy as possible when building data centers.  Google’s data centers use about half the energy of a typical data center. 

    Green Employee Programs – Google provides resources like bikes on campus, biodiesel shuttles, composting, etc. to help their employees be as green as possible.

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    Google offers their search engine with a black background called Blackle. The idea behind it is that white screens use more energy than black ones, and so if you are using the serach engine, check out the darker version and save a bit of energy. Check it out below.

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