What good would a soda tax do?



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    Those who favor a tax on soda and unhealthy food think the tax would deter people from buying so many of these unhealthy products. While this issue is something that is still being debated in a lot of larger areas of the country, there is also a lot of opposition to it. There is really no proof that the tax would be a huge deterrence to children and parents in terms of what they eat and drink. Some say that just informing people of the health risks involved with regularly consuming soda is enough.

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    Putting a tax on soda might not do much to deter people from consuming large amounts of it. I think people would still drink a lot of it, unless a large enough tax was placed on it. But that might be too difficult to implement because there would be so much opposition.

    To compare, look at the cigarette and tobacco industry. We have known for at least 20+ years that smoking can lead to cancer, and we have put taxes on cigarettes, but still a lot of people still smoke. Perhaps less people smoke now than before, but that might also be due to smoking being banned in several places.

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    A soda tax could cause some people to reconsider purchasing soda and sugary drinks, or it could just force people to pay more for sugary drinks. The soda tax could deter some people from buying sugary drinks and cause them to consider the benefits of consuming less sugar in a society where about 25 percent of the people are obese. The money generated by the soda tax could be used to do some good. The money could be used to create some health care initiatives or go towards other necessary causes.

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    It won’t have much of an effect on soda consumption. We’re talking about only a cent or two, most people will still purchase soda.

    What it really does is provide a lot of money for government projects, given how much soda Americans do consume.

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