What is a good website for healthy food coupons? Sunday Paper is full of junk food discounts!



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    Check out this site, shopathome.com. It has organic food coupons online that you can use on healthy snacks and food. 

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    Many companies allow you to print coupons directly of their websites, including Organic Valley, Stonyfield Farms, and Simply Organic. See this link for a list of good coupon sources: http://frugalliving.about.com/od/foodsavings/tp/Organic_Coupons.htm

    Another tip is to go to your local healthy/organic Whole Foods type store and check for coupons there. They often have coupons in the store that may not have made it into the Sunday paper.

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    One place to check is the local grocery store usually sends out a paper with coupons in the Sunday news which often includes deals on fruits, vegetable, and other healthy options. A good website to check out is http://www.eatbetteramerica.com/coupons/. It has a number of coupons on healthier foods, updated with new options on the first business day of each month. You can print them out at home and take them to your local grocery store to use. The website also has a lot of resources for staying healthy with recipes, diet and nutrition tips, and fitness tips.

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