What is a good way to use less water in your shower?



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    You can make sure that you turn the water off while scrubbing. Some people like to set timers for themselves and you can also make sure to purchase a low flow showerhead. These few tips should help you save some water.

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    An interesting gadget you can buy to help you conserve water in the shower is the Water Pebble, which is an interactive timer.  The first time you use it, it times how long your shower is.  In subsequent showers, it uses different colored lights to alert you to how much time you have left (green: plenty, yellow: hurry up, red: time to stop) and gradually reduces the time it allows you per shower, thus saving water.

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    You could also use those shampoo and conditioner combinations (or a make-it-at-home recipe that’s cleansing and hydrating) to cut the time in half you would normally spend on cleaning your hair.

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    Other than getting a water saving shower head, you could limit your showers to about 5 minutes no matter what. Count in your head, and perhaps get a cheap egg timer to tell you when five minutes is up until you get a feel for how long five minutes really is. Also turning the water down or off while lathering soap and such can also help. Get yourself into a routine that fits within the time frame, and you’ll be able to do it all automatically without a timing device.

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