What is a good way to give my kids praise using something green?



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    There are organic candies available at most super markets, which you could give them for good behavior or other forms of excellence. Or reward them by taking them to a nice outdoor area—like a state park or the beach—for a day of green outdoor activities with their friends (see link).

    You could even throw an environmentally conscious (ecologically sound) party for them there or at home. You’d need to provide organic local foods, recyclable everything [less is better than more] or bring dishes you can just take home and wash (and make sure you do not leave behind any litter). Some games are better than others. Just ask yourself, what went into this and is it all necessary and sustainable? Baseball or softball, yes. Smashing a pinata, probably not (unless you made it yourself with recycled materials!).

    Bikes are greener than cars, so when they are almost old enough to drive, encourage them to want to find ways to ride to work or to school when they get a job or go to college. Get them a bus pass, train tickets when they come home from the holidays, or a nice bike made by an environmentally friendly company for a big gift like a birthday present, Christmas or Hanukah!).

    Or start up a bank account for them and put their allowances in it via electronic transactions—remember to request a paperless statement so no tree’s have to be cut down! For every good decision they make for the environment, like turning off the lights when they don’t need them, give them a couple of cents. Within time it will be their nature.

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