What is a good way to conserve energy on your computer?



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    The most obvious thing you can do is turn off the computer when it’s not in use.  Also, when buying the computer try to find an energy star rated computer, most models today are energy star approved.  If you’re only leaving the computer for a short period of time, you can use the hibernate feature so you don’t have to reboot the computer all together.

    For a laptop, charge the battery while the computer is not in use and run the laptop off of battery power when you’re using it.

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    The first thing that you can do is customize your power settings so that they are utilizing the energy-saving modes if you are working on a newer computer. The second thing that you can do is shut down your computer completely at night and when you are away from it for more than two hours. You can also omit using a screensaver and instead choose to put your computer in sleep mode when you step away for a short amount of time. Finally, if you are using a desktop, consider investing in a laptop; they are more portable and made to be more energy efficient (The Daily Green, 2010).

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    The biggest thing is to either turn off your computer if you aren’t using it, or to put it in hibernate mode if you plan on using it again shortly. A lot of people will leave their computers on for hours at a time when not using them, and this obviously drains a lot of energy. I use my computer randomly throughout the day, so I just leave it in hibernate mode if I have to leave. Hibernate mode actually uses less energy, since your computer doesn’t have to power itself back up over and over. 

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    The best ways to conserve energy on your computer are to

    1. Buy a computer that uses the smallest amount of energy possible but still meets your needs (laptops use significantly less energy than desktops, and generally smaller, slower computers use the least energy)

    2. Turn off and unplug your computer when it’s not in use (or when it’s finished charging), and set your computer to automatically go into hibernation mode when not in use.

    3. Don’t overwork it.  Keep the screen at a dim setting, and avoid having a whole bunch of programs running at once — the more you make your computer do, the more energy it will use.

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