What is a good water filter for hiking?



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    A variation on the traditional hiker’s water filter is the bottle filter. They are great because they’re lightweight and easy to use. There is no pump. Water is forced through the filter by squeezing the bottle as you drink. They shouldn’t be used to  purify a large quantity of water for meal preparation, but work quite well to satisfy your thirst while hiking. All you have to do is find a water source, fill the bottle, put the top back and you are ready to drink.

    The Aqua Vessel Filtered Insulated Stainless Steel Water Filtration Bottle with 100 Gallon Filter received very high reviews on Amazon.  The link to Amazon is attached. 


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    The best brands for hiking are Katadyn, Berkey and MSR. They might be a bit expensive but they are well worth the price.

    Their products are durable and they really work regardless of the source of water that you encounter.

    For more, read the links below.

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    A good alternative to a water filter when you are hiking is to get a bottle which comes with a filter built in. They use a top which is a squeeze opening with an attached filter, so as you drink the water which is squeezed through is filtered while you drink. The popular water filtering brand Brita has come out with one such bottle which is sold in stores for $9.99. It is dishwasher safe and recyclable, and the filter only needs to be changed about every 2 months. This is a great way to reduce the waste of bottled water but still be able to go hiking or on excursions into nature and have access to clean, filtered water.

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