What is a good watch that doesn’t need a battery to operate?



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    Freestyle has a solar powered watch called ‘the boiler” for about $50-80. If you looking for something more high end there is the Citizen Eco-Drive, apparently it is unstoppable, just like the people who where it.

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    The Seiko Kinetic line of watches seems like a reasonable (though rather expensive) choice if you do not want a watch with a battery. This line of watches is powered by a quartz crystal, and it generates its own power through the kinetic energy its user produces while wearing it. Because it runs off quartz, it does not need very much maintenance. Most of the watches in this line can run for six months when not being used.

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    Casio makes a line of “Tough Solar” watches which cost $69-$199.  All of these watches have atomic time keeping, meaning even if they remain out of the sun for too long they will instantly recall the time as soon as they get power.  The features in this line vary a bit from model-to-model but include an altimeter, barometer, chronograph, compass, thermometer, depth meter, and digital compass.  You can purchase either a digital version, an analog version, or even a combination of the 2.

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    Casio makes many solar watches. Solar watches do not use a battery to operate. Sometime the Casio solar watches are very expensive, others aren’t. You cna buy a Casio solar watch on Amazon.com for only $28.

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