What is a good vegetarian Thanksgiving main course recipe to replace the typical turkey bird?



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    Tofurky makes a great fake “turkey” that is made of seitan and has a very real-like turkey taste and texture. Their holiday boxes usually include a tofurky, gravy, stuffing, a “wishbone” and a small cake.

    Quorn is a fake meat product (vegetarian, not vegan) made from a particular mushroom. They sell a Turk’y Roast for Thanksgiving.

    A relatively new brand has come out, Field Roast Grain Company. Their fake meats are made of grains and come in the form of sausages, meatloafs, etc. and for Thanksgiving a Celebration Roast which is a stuffed log of fake meat.

    These are just three brands that I know make Thanksgiving alternatives. My favorite is Tofurky but even just making your own seitan and stuffing it before baking it would be a pretty good alaternative.

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    This is a great veggie burger recipe-it’s easy and delicious.  To make it more of a holiday dish you could make it into a loaf and even serve with a gravy!  I have also had tofurky and it’s great too!

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