What is a good type of vegetation to help prevent landslides from occurring?



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    There are various types of grasses, vines, and shrubs out there which can prevent soil erosion (and thus prevent landslides from occurring). However, since I do not know what area you live in, I cannot recommend to you any plants in particular, since plants that are native to your area are specifically  adapted to help hold in the local soil. It is also important to select plants which thrive in the amount of sunlight the area is suited for. A place to find native plants by state is highlighted in the link.

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    Native plants are the best choices for preventing soil erosion and thus help prevent landslides. Native plants work best because they are more likely to soak up the water from the soil.

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    If you are in a place where you can grow prairie plants, give them a try. They generally have roots that reach deep into the soil. they anchor both themselves and the soil around them. Tall grasses provie additional protection as they are self-mulching; dead vegetation helps prevent both wind and water erosion.

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    Real simple.  If you’re trying to stop a landslide, you want as much vegetation as possible.  The more, the better.  Anything that will grow there.  Let the process of secondary succession occur if the land has been cleared.  The suggestions for planting nursery plants are well-intentioned, but that’s really only an option if you have a huge budget.  Many plants don’t transplant well when they’re large.  Most plantings require major soil development before planting and major watering on an ongoing basis after planting.

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      You’re right that you want as much vegetation as possible. None of the answers specifically refer to nursery plants, though some might lead to such an inference. Most grasses, prairie species and trees grow from seed. Sowing seed at the right time can help establish a quick cover to begin stabilizing the soil, adding nutrients and organic matter to promote secondary succession.

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    When planting a hillside prone to erosion, something to consider is the use of jute–a vegetable fiber that has been spun into rope-like mats and can be used to stabilize inclines in combination with plantings (plants grow right through it). Deep rooting trees, shrubs, and sub-shrubs, as well as groundcovers that have spreading, mat-forming root zones are all appropriate choices.

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    Plants with deep roots – such as trees and shrubs- are helpful in preventing landslides. Shallow-rooted plants – such as grasses and most flowers- are helpful as well.

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