What is a good type of tree to plant in a yard in Southern California?



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    Here’s a link to a gardening forum for Southern California native trees to plant in your yard.  The following are a few of the mentioned trees:

    • Japanese Maple
    • White Birch
    • Weeping Willow
    • Mulberry Tree

    Japanese Maples are my personal favorite because of their vibrant red color and manageable size.  Here’s a picture!

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    The best types of trees and plants for Southern California are those that are native to the environment and drought resistant. These plants will use water sparingly, and you won’t have an outrageous water bill each month for your garden. One of my favorite drought resistant trees is the Blue Oak. For more information on the Blue Oak and other drought resistant plants, please find the link below.

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    Citrus fruits are a great option.  L.A. has a lot of old orange orchards that are still producing heavy fruit.  Citrus trees are also relatively low maintenance. There are many different varieties to choose from, whether your purposes are practical or ornamental.  Dwarf citrus are also a tree that adds visual interest and uniqueness to any outdoor space.

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