What is a good travel method?



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    If you simply want to travel by keeping things simple and or by saving $$$ then here are a few methods depending on distance:

    Trains are always a good source, they are relatively cheap and travel far! But basically all public transportation is to some degree! Sharing a car “carpooling” is both eco friendly and saves money. Walking is free? 😛

    As far as being “truely” enviormentally friendly goes your best method of travel is pulling out your old 10 speed with the loose chain that keeps falling of every mile or so!

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    It depends on how often you travel and what distance you travel.  For everyday, short distances, public transportation like buses and subways are more environmentally friendly than cars.  Bicycles are even better; riding a bike daily provides great exercise, a bicycle releases absolutely no pollution and requires no power source (other than your legs), and once you purchase a bike, using it is free!  Walking has many of the same benefits as biking, although it is more time consuming and less efficient.  

    For long distances, trains are generally greener than airplanes, and can carry more people per trip.  Train tickets are also usually cheaper than plane tickets.

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