What is a good sustainable heating and cooling system for my home that has minimal eviromental impact?



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    It really depends on your climate. Utilizing naturally occurring crosswinds and strategically placing thermal walls or heat diffusing panes can dramatically help with heating and cooling costs and environmental impacts in mild climates.

    In extreme climates, you may want to look for a more complete solution. A great way to provide heating during winter months is through radiant heating. This is done by running heated water through pipes just beneath the floor surface. As heat rises, this is an efficient technique and the water can be heated through varying sustainable means. Radiant heating can be (and many times is) done under concrete, which can also contribute to a cooling effect during warmer months. 

    If you are looking for a less comprehensive approach, make sure your appliances are as efficient as possible.  Also consider adding solar panels, a residential wind turbine, or a green roof to your home, all of which are sustainable approaches to matters of home insulation, as well as energy production for heating and cooling. 

    For more information on sustainable heating and cooling, check out these links: 



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