what is a good state for asthmatics to live in



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    Experts now say that people suffering from asthma should just work with an asthma specialist since every city/state in the US has a variety of risk factors. However, there are cities that are better than others. These are: Cape Coral, Florida; Seattle, Washington; and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    The worst places to live for asthma sufferers are: Richmond, VA; Knoxville, TN; Memphis, TN; Chattanooga, TN; Tulsa, OK; St. Louis, MO; Augusta, GA; Virginia Beach, VA; Philadelphia, PA; Nashville, TN.

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    Asthma is caused by the inflammation and constriction of the bands of muscles located in your airways.  For peple with Asthma, breathing can be difficult and the effects of this condition can be life threatening.  According to the Associated Content article attached below, Cape Coral, FL is the best place to live if you’re an Asthma sufferer.  It lists St. Louis, MO as the worst.  This assessment of St. Louis as terrible for Asthma sufferers is upheld in the Allergy Nursing link also attached.  There is no such thing as a completely Asthma friendly area, but generally the cleaner and less humid the air the better.  Here is an additional article on how to reduce the symptoms of Asthma naturally.

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    Asthma usually acts up because of pollution–the least polluted cities are Barrington, IL, Babylon, NY, Ft Michelle, KY, La Grange, IL and Wayne, PA. 

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    Because pollutants floating around in the air can irritate asthma, clean air is a factor to consider when thinking about where to live as an asthma sufferer. According to CNNMoney, Richmond, VA, Lake Havasu City, AZ, and Novato, CA are the top 3 cities with the best air quality (in the U.S.). The website is attached as a citation so that you can see a more substantial list.

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      Edit: Apparently Richmond isn’t such a good idea. While it may have clean air, the city has many allergens floating around. The other two cities, however, are in arider climates; therefore, they are better for people who suffer from asthma.

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