What is a good start to becoming vegetarian?

Like a dish that I can start with.



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    I first started by watching traumatic documentaries like “Earthlings” (which can be found free online) and “Eating.” This brought a new awareness and great motivation, which I think is the most important step.

    I started substituting tofu for meat to make sure I consumed enough protein, learning different ways to prepare the tofu as to keep me excited about the food I was eating. I also increased my intake on almonds, spinach, and other nuts to keep my iron level up.

    You’ll be surprised how much more energy you will have! Good luck!

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    Something easy to make would be pasta. You could buy some dried pasta, some sauce, and vegetables. Saute the vegetables a little and add spices, then add the sauce to that. If you need to get protein, you could add some beans to the sauce or some imitation hamburger meat (which often really does look and have the texture of hamburger meat).

    The site I’ve listed has a lot more recipes.

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    Also, vegetarians need to supplement creatine into their diet. Creatine is an acid that helps supply energy to muscle, but not found in plants. Average eaters obtain creatine through the consumption of meat, but vegetarians can find supplements as an alternative.

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    I became vegetarian of my own accord at a very young age when I decided I could no longer cause harm to the animals I loved so much. I think a good way for people to decide to make the switch (and stick with it) is to visit a place like the Farm Sanctuary where they can interact with the animals that would be going on their plate. I’ve found that once you have stroked a cow’s forehead or held a baby pig in your arms, you can no longer feel comfortable calling them food.

    Also, reading books like The Jungle helped expose me to the traumas of slaughterhouses. I also suggest reading literature from Peta and the Humane Society to familiarize yourself with the argument. Those organizations have great resources and tips for budding vegetarians.

    I quit eating meat cold turkey but some people choose to phase it out of their diets by reducing red meat, then chicken, then fish. I think the best way to start becoming a vegetarian is just to do it, just jump in. Buy a vegetarian cookbook and pick out some recipes that look good to you. Pretty soon not eating meat will become second nature.

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    The biggest mistake vegetarians make is getting enough protein from low-fat sources. I would so some research first to figure out which vegetarian foods have complete proteins. Such foods include Quiona, beans, and tofu (though one needs to be weary of the phyto-estrogens in soy, esp. men)

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    Take it one step at a time.  Start by eliminating meats that you don’t eat as much.  That will encourage you to keep moving forward.  Gradually eliminate more products as you grow more comfortable with your options and understanding of what you can and cannot eat.  Make it a process built on many steps rather than a cold-turkey decision.  Soon enough, you should be a full-fledged vegetarian.

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