What is a good sign that my fruit trees are unhealthy?



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    If the branches seem like they’re being weighed down by the fruits, you must come up with improvised external support for the branches by propping them up with boards. If the fruits get too heavy and the branches aren’t developed or strong enough to hold them up, they usually snap. Also do not over-water your fruit trees. Don’t create puddles around the roots.

    Another sign that fruit trees are unhealthy is if the branches look like they are deteriorating. If you see branches like this, just chop them off instead of having the tree waste its nutrients on those branches that can’t be saved. Once the picking stage comes, make sure to get all the fruit. Leaving them to rot can attract insects to the tree.

    Always check for the color of the tree and its fruit as well just to make sure that the tree is indeed healthy.

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