What is a good reason to be vegan?



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    Being vegan is great because it is great for the environment! Humans should eat vegetables and other plant matter to get vitamins, minerals, and all the nutritional value we can get rather than feeding the plant matter to a cow who then has to process it and grow and then we slaughter the cow. We can conserve energy by consuming the calories and nutrients that the cow would have to use to grow before we were able to consume the cow.

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    I always thought of a vegan lifestyle as being a boycott of sorts.  Many people choose to live vegan because they do not support the methods by which animals are treated.  By not financially supporting these industries that exploit animals for relatively insufficient gains, the person is making a statement that they do not support this activity.  That’s a good reason to consider it, in my opinion.

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    It’s good to be a vegan if you don’t support animal cruelty in any form and you abhor the principles of factory farming.  It also can be good for your health — eliminating red meats can help lower cholesterol etc.  It really depends on your own personal motivation.  No one can really make that decision for you.  

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