what is a good plant and animal interaction in the tropical rainforest to do a report on?



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    Fun question! How about the fig and fig wasp relationship. Basically the female wasp lays her eggs inside the fruit and then dies–her body being consumed by the fruit– and the male wasps, born inside the fruit rarely if ever leave; their job is to mate with a female inside the fruit and then bore a hole through the fruit so that the female can leave. In the process of this complicated life cycle, the wasps pollinate the flowers of the fig tree and so it is considered a mutualistic relationship–both species benefit the other. So, yes, if you eat a wild fig fruit (which are native to the tropics) you could also be eating dead wasps. However, there are cultivated varieties that can fruit without being cross-pollinated so no need to worry too much the next time you eat a dried fig.

    I’ve always found this relationship fascinating as it is so specific and remarkable that these two species could have evolved such a close mutualism over the past 80 million years or so.

    To get more of a basic background you can read more here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fig_wasp).

    Here is a great youtube excerpt narrated by David Attenborough, I highly recommend it even if you dont end up doing your report on the fig wasp (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNbMyavunbQ).

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    Another example is the acacia ant and the bullhorn acacia. The acacia plant doesn’t have a good natural defense mechanism, which makes it vulnerable to other animals. The acacia ant lives in this plant and also eats the nectar it produces, and the ants are a great defense! The ants attack any animals or other insects that disturb the acacia. This is another great example of symbiosis- which is to say different species are working together for their mutual good.

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    In the first place is the fact that the largest amount of rainforest in the World and it is important due to the fact that the amount is useful for clean air because all the air that is contaminated.

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