What is a good place to get recycled books for my kids?



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    This website provides different links to websites where you can buy, sell and trade your books. Depending on where you live you can probably find a book store that has recycled books. Recycled books for children can even be found in places such as Goodwill or Savers.

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    You can get great deals on used books on Amazon.com, Ebay, and thriftbooks.com, to name a few.

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    I often find a great selection of books at Goodwill and other secondhand shops that are usually in pretty good condition—it seems as though people donate them after reading them once, so they are generally gently used. Another idea, although I’m not sure you could really call it recycling but it’s along the same lines, is to check out books from the library—it saves a lot of money and you can often borrow from multiple libraries within the same system, as well as take advantage of literacy programs like summer reading programs, story time, etc.

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    I don’t think libraries are used enough anymore, I was always excited to go pick something out, and there were several books I checked out dozens of times.

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    I agree with tutt47 – libraries are a terrific resource.  In addition, some libraries have areas of free books and magazines that where you can leave material that you are finished with and take books (without checking them out) that you are interested in.  

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    Libraries often have resale stores that sell the books that have enough wear to be deemed unfit for further recirculation.  I find this a great resource, books are often 2 dollars or so, and your kids don’t have to worry about maintaining the condition to return them.

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    Thriftstores, garage sales, even EBay and Amazon.

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